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Episode 2.12 - Writing Gripes Two, Electric Boogaloo

We had a season of positivity and now it’s time to gripe! We cover a broad swath of issues plaguing genre writers in particular, but anyone working in fiction or screenwriting might be guilty of these sins. Whether it’s too much melodrama, bad magic, or soapboxing, we’ve got you covered.  

Episode 2.11 - Emotional Connection

This week we discuss emotionally connecting with characters. Learn how inner and outer journeys, sensory details, unexpected emotional reactions, and quirky interests can get your characters to pop off the page. We discuss Mishell Baker, Suzanne Collins, Lois McMaster Bujold, & Joe Abercrombie. 

Episode 2.10 - I Wrote a Draft, Now What?

You did it! You wrote a complete novel. Now what? The Genre Hustle crew takes you through five major story elements to tackle on your next draft: structure, character arcs, conflict, theme, and pacing. We also discuss the importance of outlining and how style and polish can help form your story. 

Episode 2.09 - Critique Groups

The best way to improve your writing is to join a critique group. But joining a writers group can be difficult and scary. In this episode, we discuss our critique group and cover how to find one, how to start one, problems to look out for, and how to give and receive critique.  

Episode 2.08 - Midpoint

We tackle midpoint, what it should contain, the split midpoint, the false defeat, the false victory, and how to use emotion to make your midpoint carry action and theme all at once. Mentions include VE Schwab, Richard Matheson, JR Hall, Andy Weir, Alex Kourvo, Martha Alderson, and Blake Snyder

Episode 2.07 - Villains

We tackle villains, antagonists, anti-heroes and ways to create your own! We make the case for the relatable villain and share the ones who give us the creeps, from dark lords to glamorous socialites. We discuss JRR Tolkien, Susanna Clarke, Justina Ireland, Philip Pullman, and Richard K. Morgan

Episode 2.06 - Action

Action of all kinds, from lovers’ spats to space battles. We debate when to use action, how to use action to paint a character, and how to add sensory and spatial details. Examples include Rebecca Roanhorse, Jeff VanderMeer,  Yoon Ha Lee, Ellen Kushner, Tomi Adeyemi, and JS Morin

Episode 2.05 - Professional Editing w/ Marissa Vu

Join us for a conversation with professional freelance editor Marissa Vu to learn about when and why to hire an editor, different editorial approaches like developmental, content, and line editing, and commonly seen craft mistakes. We discuss Philip K. Dick and Cassandra Khaw.  

Episode 2.04 - Genre

Spec fiction has as many types of genres as a dragon has baubles, everything from military sci-fi to sword and sorcery, and even clockpunk. We discuss our favorites, how to tell them apart, and why it’s important to understand - and subvert! - your niche as a writer. 

Episode 2.03 - POV (part two)

What makes first person POV work? Is second person doomed to awkwardness? And what about mixing and matching different POVs throughout a story? We cover Suzanne Collins, Italo Calvino, Erin Morgenstern, Markus Zusak, and Joe Abercrombie

Episode 2.02 - POV (part one)

Who’s narrating the story and how are they doing it? Join as as we break down Point of View (POV) and how it impacts the reader’s experience. We discuss Patricia McKillip, Stephen King, Cressida Cowell, and J.R.R. Tolkien. 

Episode 2.01 - Writing Greats

Season 2 is off and running! Join us as we gush over what we love: delving into new worlds, explosive fight scenes, and stunning use of language. We discuss Brian McClellan, Nnedi Okorafor, Sebastien de Castell, Madeline Miller, Leigh Bardugo, Mark Z. Danielewski, and K.J. Charles.  

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