Meet the hosts

Lucy Caird


 Lucy Caird writes dark, fantastical tales for kids and tweens about growing up - which she highly advises against. Alongside being a semi-finalist in Writers of the Future, 2018, her work has appeared in Literally Stories and Murder Park After Dark. She is currently working on her second novel, Penny and the Longkid, with the aid of her ferocious chihuahua, Mia.  


Anton S. Howard


Anton S. Howard is a Los Angeles based writer currently working on a series of grimdark short stories about the adventures of Varja the witch-hunter. His favorite monster is Godzilla and his favorite liquor is gin because, “it makes him mean.” 


Karter Mycroft


  Karter Mycroft is an LA-based writer, musician, and ocean scientist. They also edit the spooky zine Murder Park After Dark and play Nintendo games. 



Jane Pinckard


Jane is a writer, game designer, researcher, and educator. She writes fiction about imaginary places and futures. She writes non-fiction about games, culture, and technology. She teaches game design and interactive media at the University of Southern California. She was born in Tokyo, Japan and now lives in Santa Monica, California, with her partner and a little dog named Bowie.

She is a graduate of Clarion 2017.


A.P. Thayer


 A.P. Thayer is a Mexican-American author based out of North Hollywood. He writes grimdark fantasy, latino-futuristic cyberpunk, and cosmic horror. His work has appeared in Five on the Fifth literary magazine and the horror anthology Murder Park After Dark


Chelsea Thompson


Chelsea Thompson is a fantasy writer focusing on queer speculative fiction. She has two novels in progress, Tarotmancer, a portal fantasy featuring lesbians, knights, and dragons, and Broken Blades, a high fantasy romp featuring a failed freedom fighter taking on evil wizards. You can find her adding lesbians to your favorite tropes in Torrance, CA, surrounded by her cats and whisky collection.  


Christopher Zerby


Christopher Zerby is a science fiction writer and a leading expert on imaginary robots. His stories have appeared in the Ontario Review, Murder Park After Dark, and Revolution on Canvas. He's represented by Trodayne Northern of Prentis Literary. In a previous life, he mixed records and drove around the U.S. and Canada in a van playing music. He regrets nothing.